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Support Services


Prenatal Visits

Informative and Compassionate

PERFECT for institutions that will not allow extra support persons due to Covid-19.
Service includes:  
* Two prenatal meetings with mother and partner to discuss priorities, fears, concerns and questions.
* Teaching and practicing labor positions and techniques. 
* Tools to help your birth partner assist before and during birth. 
* Resources pertinent to your needs.
* Assists with your birth plan and answers any questions.


Birthing Guidance

Offering Support

Before Labor

* Meeting two or more times with mother and partner to discuss priorities, fears, questions and concerns.

( Times will be confirmed at consultation)
* Discussion of how you and your partner feel I can be most helpful  during our time together. 
* A reliable method for you to reach me
* Phone/Email contact as desired or needed
* Accompany you to any prenatal visits with your care provider if you wish. 
* Assist with your Birth Preferences (Plan) and answering any questions regarding putting one into place. 

During Labor

* Meet you where you decide and stay with you throughout your labor and birth. If you decide you need some privacy, I will give you your space. 
* Use my knowledge and experience to provide you with continuous physical comfort and emotional support.
* Act as a liaison between you and the staff; if it seems appropriate or necessary-establishing rapport, reminding them of your birth preferences and asking questions so you have the information necessary to make good decisions. 

After Labor

* Will stay with you until you are comfortable and your family is ready for quiet time together. Usually 1-2 hours after birth.
* Make sure you, husband/partner have a meal if hungry.
* Will contact you by phone to answer questions, check on your well being and arrange to get together 7-10 days after your birth.
* Will meet with you at least once after birth to review the birth experience 

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